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Isobel uses porcelain to represent the complexity and unity of the natural order. Being hand-crafted, none of her component pieces are regular or uniform: like natural textiles, individual leaves or raindrops they are unique, fragile and independent of one another, not always perfect. These imperfections are something Isobel embraces and yet, when these pieces are finally assembled together, they form a coherent, harmonious and beautiful whole. They seem to embody nature's constant transition from chaos to order and from simplicity to splendour.


Isobel creates individual pieces of art that look stunning in contemporary homes. She has completed a varied range of projects from 5* hotels to super yachts, cruise ships, ski chalets, luxury apartments and villas, show rooms and private residences. Her work is unique and always makes a difference.

In addition to her stunning ceramic artwork, Isobel creates beautiful lighting. Each piece is made by taking a piece of fabric and pressing the porcelain into it to create a delicate pattern so fine it is almost translucent, allowing the light to shine through it. Each piece is created with loving care, often using fabrics that are heirlooms from Isobel's family. Isobel lives and works in London.

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